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Organic Kids Clothing Online Shop


Shop with conscience in our store!

¿Why buy at Nanuix Organic Kids?


We are an online clothing store children's wear, buy at NANUIX is to buy ethics, is to buy thinking at the environment, is to buy in green ...

Because all of our brands are made with a sensitivity and a special design,
with small productions, cared in every detail.

Because their materials are carefully selected from organic cottons and
Oeko-Tex® to make our planet a cleaner world, without toxic or harmful products.

NANUIX ORGANIC KIDS was created to provide an opportunity to give a new approach to children's fashion in our country, as well as wooden toys, handmade bedding and organic supplements and products that respect the environment with the latest designs and imaginative .

Working with the latest European companies in terms of design and quality, seeking always to work with socially and economically fair and environmentally committed.


We will be happy to answer any questions you want us.


Tania Van De Casteele, founder of NANUIX ORGANIC KIDS


You can also find us at our shop:


Carrer Maranges number 3

17130 L'Escala, Girona, Spain.